Daycare Opening for Infant this October


Our baby girl will be 3 months old in early October and we haven't had much luck finding a daycare that is close to home, either home-based one or daycare/preschool is good- as long as it is in the north or west of the lake so we can easily drop her off on the way to work in SF. 

What we find is that a lot of them simply don't return voice message or email or have no opening this October. I am about to put all of them on excel and religiously call them on a daily basis... Well, I guess I will have to! 

Meanwhile, if you know any daycare that you can recommend have an opening for our 3 month-year-old girls Please do let me know! 

*The only requirement is that it will need to be in the north of the lake. 


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When I was looking for a home daycare I had  to make an excel sheet and call a bunch of places multiple times.  Also, they often don't know if they will have openings or not until very close to the date because parents don't tell them with much notice that they are leaving (a note to all of us in home day cares to give our caretakers plenty of notice!).  I loved our home day care, but it was in East Oakland so not helpful for your requirements sorry.  But yes, make a spreadsheet, call a ton, and eventually you will find something.