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I'm a single mom preparing to return to work in a few months after my maternity leave ends.  My daughter is enrolled in daycare starting in October.  Because I won't have any time off when I first return to work, I'm trying to prepare for situations when my daughter won't be able to attend daycare (i.e., sick child).  Do you know of any centers in the Oak/Berk area that provide backup when you have a sick child or your daycare is closed?  Any other options/ideas for setting up backup coverage for daycare?  Thanks so much!

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Hi! Check out Swiss Cheese Childcare, I have not yet used them myself, but I registered some time ago and it is my understanding that they will cover for situations like this (i.e., sick child). I can't find reference to it on their new site, but their old website made a reference to the origin of their childcare collective's name (Swiss Cheese) being that they "fill in the holes" in your regular childcare routine. ;) I have known other moms who have used them who recommended them to me and by all accounts were happy with their service. Try giving them a call to see if they can be of help in being a backup option for you.