Day camp for non-English-speaking 7-year-old

Hello everyone, we're looking for a daycamp in or around Berkeley this summer (2022) for our French-speaking 7-year-old daughter, who speaks no English. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of situation? Can it work? Specific suggestions of appropriate camps/programs are welcome.

Thanks a lot!


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The French-American school, Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley has a French summer camp. They were only open to EB students during Covid but they are planning to re-open to the public this summer.

Ecole Bilingue in Berkeley has a great summer camp and all of the teachers speak French and English.

Can highly recommend Ecole Bilingue’s summer camp.

Ecole Bilingue offers summer camps for all kids in grades 1-6.  These are in French and English.