New job in malibu. Where should we live?

partner got a new job in malibu. i know there are MANY considerations in deciding where to live, esp. in la, but we are thinking somewhere on the westside. we both have lived there before during our undergrad/grad years, so the area is not completely new to us. i am limiting my job search primarily to ucla.

but we love living in berkeley - the weather, walkability, bike lanes, public transit, our daughters' daycare, food, energy of being near cal, ebrpd trail running, proximity to the city... 

where might let us have even a sliver of our current lifestyle? 

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Probably Santa Monica? Malibu to UCLA is pretty far in terms of traffic, and Santa Monica is about in the middle. It's not the same as Berkeley, but has some similarities: walkable and bikeable, near nice parks and beaches, milder weather than inland LA, fairly liberal politics, health food options. There are a wide variety of private schools on the westside if you decide to go that route with your kid, and I'd assume there are many options for preschool and daycare (probably expensive).

I grew up on the westside, in Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades, and have lived in Berkeley for the past year with my husband and toddler. If I had to live in the westside as an adult, I guess I'd pick Santa Monica. Culver City and Venice are hipper and younger, in some ways, but there is so much emphasis on new shops and restaurants there that they feel like malls to me. 

Would Santa Monica or Venice be too far? Santa Monica has a good school district, and a lot of parks.

West Hollywood is surprisingly kid friendly. Or perhaps near UCLA?

Santa Monica!! I lived in LA for a decade, moved around between West LA, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica. It's hands-down the best if you are seeking a Berkeley-ish lifestyle with proximity to Malibu. It's very walkable/bikeable, has decent transit, good parks and outdoor space, terrific food, good schools, gorgeous public pool, easy access to miles-long beachside biking trail, easy access to gorgeous mountains to hike in, perfect weather. And do not underestimate the value of living in a highly functioning municipality. Free broadband internet in public spaces! You need a parking permit, you call the city and someone picks up right away and solves your problem. It is a lovely place. I seriously want to retire there.