Current Thoughts on Ecole Bilingue?

We are starting to look at kindergartens for our child and are drawn to EB due to its bilingual program and strong academic reputation.  That said, I have heard of some recent changes at EB.  What is the sentiment among families with students there?  Are they happy with their choice for their child?  Are there concerns about the search for a new Head of School?  Are the academics still strong?  Are students who graduate after middle school attending their high schools of first choice?  Most of our experience with the school is second-hand or through alumni/families of alumni. EB remains our strong preference, just wondering if there should be room for doubt.  Thank you!

Parent Replies

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i have 3 kids who went through EB: one is an alumn and a senior in High School, one is starting in 8th grade and my 3rd one is starting 5th grade so I have been at EB a long time. My take away after all these years is that the classroom experience has been great and that my son was very well prepared for High School ( and he is at College Prep which is very academic). The teachers are very good and dedicated and over the years new programs and initiatives have strengthened the curriculum and the experience. And I have to say I really appreciate the middle school with the diversity of the classes (11 different ones) which teach students to get organized and to be flexible and the recent initiatives like the mini-maker fair and TEDx which provided a unique experience for the students. 

I also appreciate the unique community of diverse families who, whether they are American, French or from other countries share an interest in their children learning about the world being bigger than the US.  

As at other schools there is always room for improvement but given the strength of the academic team and the board, I am not concerned about the change in the administration. 

I would encourage you to visit and get your own experience of the school. And please let me know if you have other questions. 

Hi there, we have been an EB family for many years now and have seen it go through plenty of growth and change.  Right now the current feeling at the school is definitely one of incredible optimism and enthusiasm.  The community is as strong as ever and I feel that all the raw ingredients (amazing community, wonderful teachers, rich curriculum) are there for EB to be an exceptional school.  We are all feeling very confident that EB will continue to grow and thrive under the next head of school.  Our two older children graduated from EB and went on to top high schools and colleges.  We have a son in the lower school right now, who is happy and engaged and feels connected to his friends and teachers.  Our youngest will be starting at EB in the fall, so even after more than a decade at the school, we feel confident enough in the curriculum, the teachers and the structure of the school to start all over there with our next child, even with an ongoing search for Head of School.  Several EB alumni are enrolling their own children at EB in the fall, which again speaks to the connection and confidence that EB families have with the school. Obviously you know by now there is a huge range of options to choose from when selecting a Kindergarten and elementary school in the bay area.  I really believe that finding a school that fits for you, where your child will be nurtured and academically challenged, and a community where your whole family will be embraced and welcomed is key.  I know you would find that at EB, we have!