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I'm the father of a 14 year old from my previous marriage. My wife and I have a 1 year old now, and there are obvious challenges we are experiencing. Are there any step parent support groups happening in the Berkeley area right now that my wife and I can attend?

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We’d like to hear about any support/groups as well! In a similar boat, sending you warm wishes...

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I did a search and found this Meetup in Berkeley. I haven’t attended, so don’t know more about it.

If that doesn’t work for you or you want more than once/month, I would highly recommend starting your own group.  I’m guessing there are a number of folks on BPN who would be interested.  I found it extremely valuable to have other stepparents/parents to talk to when my stepkids (now 34 and 31) and kids (now 21 and 18) were younger.  Unfortunately, the groups I went to no longer exist.

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I recommend Sevgi Fernandez. She’s a life coach who specializes in blended families. She’s got an office in Berkeley and has been invaluable for my family over the past 5 years.