Summer camp for 9 year old with ADHD and learning differences


My 9 year old son has ADHD-combined type, anxiety, sensory and auditory processing issues, and emotional regulation challenges.  We are thinking of signing him up for 3 weeks of Quest camp this summer.  Because it is quite expensive and because the location is not particularly convenient, I want to make sure the experience is helpful and worthwhile.  Does anyone have any recent experience with the camp?  I've seen mixed reviews and would love to hear from you about your experience.

Thank you.

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Not your question, but possibly another option:  my son has been taking a once a week mentor/tutoring session at Fusion Academy near 6th and University.  Actually, he's doing electric guitar for a 50 minute lesson once a week, is what it is.  Fusion is a really fun and welcoming place.  I don't know if this fits the bill for your son, but it would be a way to get a burst of acceptance and warmth in his week.  They also have "real" classes, which your son would not be the right age for, but maybe they would let him take a weekly music lesson.  Not inexpensive, but we look forward to going every week.  I think every positive interaction is a plus for my son.