Current reviews of Dwight Way Child Care?

Hi! Considering enrolling an infant at Dwight Way Child Care (with Lalitha and Ashok) this fall. Most recent review is from 2019 - just wanted to see if anyone has had a more recent experience or contact! Thanks much. 

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Hi there,

our son attended Dwight Way Child Care when he was 9 months old in 2019 for just one month. I will say that I think Lalita and Ashok are loving people and a good fit for a lower needs  or more typical child. They basically told me they couldn't watch my son, because he cried too much. He is very slow to warm up, and would cry a lot every day in their care. Their method to get him to stop was to provide lots of distractions (toys), instead of just sitting with him and providing physical comfort, which we found at our next childcare (Ebenezer Daycare in south berkeley), which was a much better fit for us.

I didn't write a review at the time, because I am aware my son is higher needs so was unsure if it was fair to share our experience. I will say that since then we have found better fits for our sensitive, slow to warm up little guy. Good luck.

Our son has been going to Dwight Way Child Care for a few weeks now and is doing great. Lalita and Ashok are very warm people with a lot of experience. They've made the transition easy for us and our son has definitely taken to them. I like that he can play outside in their backyard every day. I think they are looking to enroll toddlers moreso than infants at the moment, but in general, I would definitely recommend them!