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Hello parents, we are looking for a day care for our baby beginning in August, when he will be one year old. He is currently at a little school, but we are hoping to find a home day care. We just moved to Alameda and I was hoping for more up to date reviews than those I have found online. Ideally we’d stay towards the east side or center of the island. If you know of a wonderful home day care or school on Alameda that might have openings in the next 6 months or so please post! Thank you.

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Welcome to Alameda!

I'm sorry that I don't have too many specific recommendations and hope you get some from a few East Enders.  We had our daughter in Jumpstart Discoveries (Central Alameda) a few years ago and it was fine but perhaps not my first choice due to the larger sizes and limited outdoor space. There is a glut of Montessori options but I've heard the quality can vary and not all will accept infants.  If you are interested in and available to join a co-op, there is on on the West End that looks super cute called Kiddie Kampus. I always eyed that on my bike commute to the ferry but I don't know much about it since co-ops were not an option for us.  

I feel your pain re: trying to find Alameda info on BPN. People always respond to Alameda questions by saying "join the Alameda Yahoo Group" (which is Alameda Parents Network, or APN). I have and it is generally unhelpful.  It is just an email list serve and people aren't as honest since they cannot post anonymously, as they can here. That said, I have seen a few of the local care providers post there in their individual capacities (sometimes their email address and/or signature gives it away), and I have definitely made judgements about whether or not I would trust them with the care of my child as a result.

One other option is to join NextDoor. It is marginally more helpful than the Yahoo group. Or try to find a nanny share. There are tons of nannies in Alameda and lots of people looking for shares (particularly on NextDoor).

Good luck!

Our son has been attending Little Lion Preschool for the last two years (since he was 15 mo.) and absolutely love it. Run by a husband and wife and located across from Upper Washington Park, it is small (<12 kids) family daycare with great people and a great environment. Lots of outside time, art and music. Has really helped our only child grow comfortable among other kids. Plus they serve hot lunches, which has been a lifesaver with my kid, who is already eating at teenager levels.

Have you joined any Alameda Facebook groups or Alameda Parents Network (yahoo group)? You'll be able to find current info/recs.