Current Nanny Rates in Berkeley

Hi Parents - We are in the middle of a nanny search and trying to see what competitive rates are.  We were planning to pay $25/hour for one child and $30/hour when it's 2 or 3.  Our youngest is a baby.  The other two are 4 and 8 and a bit more self sufficient.  Any guidance on whether this is high, low or just right?  Thanks!

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FWIW we're currently paying $35/hr total for our nanny share, which we understand to be the high end of the market. We have two babies (5 months old).

$30/hour when it's 3 children, with one being a baby, seems just a teeny bit low, by maybe a couple/few dollars?

We pay 25 for one and for two we pay $35. Typically it’s $10 per sibling but when it’s a share with other family’s it’s about $22 each..according to my nanny.  This is over the table. 

Babies are usually at least $25-30 per hr in this area. You might have more success of you don't include a caveat that one or two others might be part of the deal---nannies don't really care if a parent says that 4 and 8 are self sufficient. Four, especially, is still pretty young and not that self sufficient. The nannies I've known want a very straightforward arrangement where it's clear what they're signing up for and the pay/benefits. Some nannies also specialize in baby care and don't want to take care of older kids.