Current Nanny Rates?

Hello, I am having trouble finding current information on nanny pay rates.  I would love some information on what the going rates are for 1 child and how that changes where there are more children.  (we have three children and need help in the morning getting them out the door and off to school but there will be very little active time with all three children as two are in elementary school.)  How are rates impacted by over/under the table pay? I assume paid time off and bonuses are standard aspect of an agreement, but would appreciate any insight. We have worked with nannies for many years in Boston and I am trying to get a sense for what the landscape is here in Berkeley on pay rates and typical terms.

Thank you VERY much for any insight you can provide.

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In the East Bay we pay $20/hour for one child.  In our interview experience, anything below $18/hour for one child starts to compromise quality of care.  For 2 expect to pay between $22-$25/hour.  For 3 kids I would expect to pay at least $25/hour for the hours they are all around.  

While you are not required to accrue sick leave for your employees in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda (as opposed to SF where it is required), most nannies accrue some form of PTO.  We request our nanny take vacation while we are also on vacation, whenever possible. 

Also note that in California child care providers who work more than 9 hours a day or more than 45 hours a week are entitled to 1.5x pay for those additional hours by law.  

Finally, paying withholding and payroll taxes is the law.  Paying "under the table" is illegal and deprives your nanny of the opportunity to earn towards Social Security and Unemployment Insurance.