Current liposuction recommendations?

I've decided I want to try liposuction for my stubborn belly fat, since I eat reasonably healthily, exercise at least 5 times a week, and am not what most people would call overweight (even though I'd love to drop 5-10 lbs, I'm a size 8, so pretty average). Has anyone had lipo lately and have thoughts/advice and especially doctor recommendations? The recommendations in the archives are quite old. Thanks in advance!

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I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Eric Mariotti in Concord.  He has a loooong waiting list for a reason.  Check him out!

Truly no judgement, at all. I’m sure you are aware to be sure you choose a board certified plastic surgeon or higher level training (and ask to speak with at least 2 previous patients for this procedure) and that they do this regularly without complications. I mean no disrespect at all and am sure you would know, but wealthy smart people still end up disfigured trying to save a buck or to do it by a certain time, etc. Make sure both options agree on what they would do and consider carefully any differences. I suspect there may also be local specific support groups on FB where you’d get better info. My best advice is to just be cautious, get at least one other opinion and speak to a past patient. As someone who was convinced I needed a surgery, I have now lived through four and likely more because that first one wasn’t right. Take your time and choose the very best you can afford. Good on you for your self-care choices, as they are yours and we all need that. Best to you!! 💕

Check out Dr. Sierber in SF! His work is amazing!