Cupcake bakery recommendations?

Any recommendations for a bakery that does nice cupcakes that are not too over-the-top unhealthy, close to berkeley?

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Not sure what you mean by “unhealthy” -are you looking for something made without sugar or that are gluten-free or vegan?

We’ve enjoyed traditional cupcakes from the following places:

James and the Giant Cupcake (they have some gluten-free and vegan options)

Sweet Adeline Bakeshop

Casa de Chocolates

Cupcakin’ 🤤 

Cupcakin' Bakeshop It's a black woman-owned cupcake shop with locations in Berkeley and Oakland. The cupcakes are delicious, well-decorated but not over the top. They sell minis and regular-sized cupcakes. 

For cupcakes in Berkeley, we like Cupcakin’ (in the old Virginia Bakery location on Shattuck) and James and the Giant Cupcake on San Pablo. As for relative healthiness- well, they’re cupcakes :) I know Cupcakin’ has vegan options, if you’re looking for that. Their carrot cake cupcake is amazing, if you need a vegetable included. :)

Cupcakin', with locations in North Berkeley, South Berkeley, and Oakland, are incredibly awesome.  Their flavors are way beyond the standard and blow my mind.  I think they are also a Black-owned business and have great customer service, in my experience.

This new-comer in El Cerrito is well worth the short drive - PennDel's Bakehouse

I really love Angel Cakes!!

I messed up my times/dates once, and really needed cupcakes when she was closed - I tried another shop's cakes and was sorely disappointed.  Angel Cakes are the best.

Angel Cakes is my favorite cupcake shop - soooooo good!

Cupcakin make the most wonderful cupcakes.
New store on Shattuck and Virginia in Berkeley.

Angel Cakes in Alameda is pretty good, reasonably priced, and they offer vegan and GF cupcakes on top of the regular ones. I love their carrot cake cupcakes. They also deliver.

Maybe add icing to a muffin? The banana oat bran muffins at Naboloms are great!