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Can anyone recommend movers for a move from East Coast to Bay Area?


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We moved from Boston to the Bay Area a few months ago and we used Paxton. They were very professional, efficient, ON TIME (all the other moving stories we've heard from friends involved a few hours of delay from when they said they were going to arrive), and easy to communicate.  When scheduling movers to arrive, i would recommend scheduling the first available time slot of the day (we did 7:30 am). So they don't get delay by other families during the day. 

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We just did the opposite move (from Oakland to PA)and used Door-to-Door pods. We had help filling with big furniture and we did the rest ourselves. We had to order an extra pod at the last minute and customer service couldn’t have been better. This was very affordable and extremely convenient for us. I will happily use them again and encourage anyone to do the same.