Cross-country mover recommendations

We're moving to Ohio from Oakland and would love your recommendations for quality yet cost-effective cross-country movers.  Would also love recommendations for reliable and cost-effective auto-shipping companies.  Thanks!

[Moderator Note] This question has come up several times in the last year - see previous recommendations here: Movers for a Cross-Country Move

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I’ve had great experiences with ADHD movers. (Check them out on YELP.) Let them know Liza sent you. 

ABF is one of the least expensive and best because you pack they pick up and deliver to your destination. Here's a good tip, use the large rubber storage bins and stack them on each other that way you can optimize the space you use and guarantee the stability of your items. The beauty of using the rubber bins is that you can reuse them, label them easily and they keep items dry!

We used American Auto Shipping to transport 2 small cars to Maine 2 years ago. They had the best price by far. We're in a remote/rural area on the way to nowhere, so your cost should be lower, but for reference our cost was $2750.00 total for the two cars. We were happy with them, and they're one of the few companies that would allow you to keep some things in the trunk, which cut down on some of the space needed in the moving van