Cross country move

My family will be moving to Virginia this summer. We are looking at various container companies, since we will need storage as well. Anyone have experience with 1800 packrat? Pods? Also, we will be flying with our two cats. Would love any recommendations/advice on managing that in the least stressful way. Thanks!

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I used Door to Door and used the lock that they provided as part of the rental. I had my unit broken into while in their care, but because the lock (that they provided) was intact the company denied that it happened at all and then denied the claim. They assure that their facilities are secure but then have no security cameras, etc. Luckily I carried my renter's insurance during the move. I recommend you get your own lock, take a picture of the contents packed, of the closed lock and carry your renter's insurance the entire time. I also recommend you ask about security measures. I suspect my break-in was an inside job based on what happened. 

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Regarding the cats, we flew our three cats from FL to CA when we moved here three years ago.  Try and get a non-stop flight. Make sure the pet carriers are the airline approved size. Going through security was a little stressful but the TSA agents were very helpful and brought me to a little room, and I took each cat out of it's carrier (one at a time) and held it so they could scan the carrier.  Allow extra time at the airport for this. Lastly, we decided against giving the cats any type of sedative and they were all very quiet on the plane.  Safe travels!