Critter urinating on the porch

i think it’s neighborhood cats. Maybe it’s something else. I have seen a couple of cats come to our porch at night. Something comes and pees on our porch while we sleep. It especially seems to like our porch furniture and the hammock. I have used vinegar, baking soda and dish soap mixture to clean. I have sprayed peppermint spray, orange oil spray. I have even sprayed spray designed to repel pets. But, they always come back and pee. I am tired of using my precious weekend washing and cleaning with no result. I’m the only person in my family who is not severely allergic to cats and dogs (everyone else has epipen prescribed for cats and dogs), so I end up doing the massive cleaning. I am at my wits ends. Am I doomed to devote hours upon hours of my life washing porch floor, wall, rug and furniture?  We love our porch and because we live in a small house, the extended living space on the porch is precious. Any effective ideas to repel cats and possibly other critters will be appreciated. 

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Check out a product called Critter Ridder which I have used effectively on our deck to repel skunks, cats and raccoons. It is not a poison but is composed mostly of hot peppers which the animals smell and do not go near. I place it around the perimeter and close to the deck as well as on the steps. It is available from Ace or Amazon.

There is a product called PetSafe SSSCat spray that you should try.  Basically it's a can of compressed air with a motion detector.  When the cat or other animal gets close to it, it will spray a loud blast of air.  It won't hurt the cat, but it will scare the living daylights out of it.  I would buy a couple of them and place them strategically around your patio.  I used this to stop my cat from scratching at my bedroom door all night, and after the very first night of placing the spray can by the door the cat never did it again - ever!  Good luck!

Hi there, that stinks!  Literally.  My dear old cat passed away, but before he did, he had some incontinence problems.  I have a big container of special cat pee enzyme cleaner you can have if you like.  It's supposed to dissuade them from continuing to mark that spot.  Message me to arrange a pick-up.

You might try a motion-detection sprinkler -- google motion-activated animal repellent.  The original (which we have) is called Scarecrow, but there are less-expensive knock-offs now.  It attaches to your hose and detects moving heat sources.  When it goes off, it's quite startling, even when you know it's coming.  Note that raccoons will quickly figure out how to go around it, so you need to place it where they can't avoid it.