Cragmont Elementary TK program

Hello, Berkeley families! Our son was assigned to Cragmont Elementary for the TK program. Prior to COVID, he was attending a Montessori preschool and more recently, has been part of a preschool pod with two other children. We would love any thoughts on Cragmont in general and ideally, the TK program. I would love for him to be part of the public school system but also want to make sure the TK program is a good fit. 

Thanks in advance!


Parent Replies

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My son went to pre-COVID TK at Cragmont and finished during COVID. I was very happy with Mr C and the way he taught TK. Every week they would have a different theme: solar system, penguins, phases of the Moon and he reads them books on that topic and they do projects on that topic. There were some early elements of phonics, and letter awareness. Since Cragmont is fairly large school, there were many after-school enrichment classes. My son went to after-school soccer and drawing after his TK school day and I would just pick him up at the end of his after school class.

In the public TK, there is always 1 assistant. They have their own bathroom inside the classroom. Cragmont TK and K have their own porch with their own small playground. Teachers utilize it and kids, even in pre-COVID times would often eat snacks and celebrate birthdays outside. During their recesses they can play on all the play structures. I am not sure how it will be in COVID or post-COVID times...