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Needing a solid CPA for a relative's high-net worth individual taxes.  There's complexity to it, so looking for a next level CPA with experience. The large companies quotes are sky-high and their advice seems unduly complicated.  Simply wanting to comply and plan.  Appreciate any leads!

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We use JP Cross with Cross Capital in SF.  He’s an independent CPA and CFP. He has given us sound money saving and wealth building advice for several years. 

I wish we had started with him earlier.

You can reach him via email at jp [at]

From our days of living down south we have kept our CPA (who can also be a business manager), Larry Rogers, in L.A., precisely because he is used to dealing with high net worth individuals, and would give you one-on-one personal advice. He does not delegate to a "team." What almost happens with a high net worth situation is that an accountant will advise the individual to incorporate. It sounds complicated, but Larry makes it easy, and it is well worth the trouble from a tax savings perspective, if the individual's income is ongoing. Also, in over 30 years, he has had more access to our money that most people would be comfortable allowing-- yet every dollar is there -- he is the anti-Madoff! (New clients, of course, do not have to set up their finances that way, if they don't want to.) He can be reached at Rogers Accountancy, (818) 783 2600. Tell him Tom and Leslie sent you.