COVID precautions, nannies, and nanny shares

Hi - There are some older threads on this from 2020, but I'm interested to know how people are working with nannies now in terms of COVID precautions, especially new nanny contracts. My baby is 4 months old, so I'm especially interested in people with children <1 year old.

Are you asking the nannies to wear masks? What other restrictions are you expecting in their own time, and how do you communicate about it? How do you approach the risks that other members of their own household take? What interview questions did you find most helpful in getting a good understanding of a nannies' thinking and behavior around COVID?

For nanny share families, how well aligned are you, and how do you navigate this? How did you go about finding a family that was well aligned with you in your thinking? How do you stay in touch about it?

Thanks for any insights or experience on any of these topics!

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