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I am desperate to find a couples therapist who is seeing clients in person in the East Bay. I have been in touch with several talented providers who seem like they'd be a good fit, only to find that they are only seeing clients virtually. My husband and I are struggling to keep our 30-year marriage alive and we can't do it without skilled help. We also both work at home, in front of our separate screens, and at this point I can't imagine engaging in couples therapy that way. We need to leave the house and sit in the presence of a wise and thoughtful individual. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

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Try Mary Gail Nelson in Walnut Creek. She specializes in couples therapy.  925-933-4055

Julie Friend, LCSW, is seeing patients in person in North Berkeley.  My husband and I (also a 30-year-marriage) have worked with her and found her very helpful.

Both Dr. Carmelinda Mann & Sherna Perez, LCSW, are talented couples therapists who see couples in person in their Oakland offices on Grand Ave. Good luck!…

  I appreciate your position and have likewise been looking for an in person practicioner.  I wish I had one for you and will be watching for other's wisdom.

My wonderful therapist Tricia Kim Walsh (LMFT) does couples therapy and has an office in Oakland for in-person visits. She has been warm and caring, and has great strategies for opening communication.…

I've had great experience with who meets in person and I think is taking new clients.

We worked with Sean Holcombe. He provided consultations at our home in 2021. I would highly recommend him.

Try Uma Kahn. She’s amazing.

David Friedman is seeing people in person!


921 The Alameda , Berkeley, CA 94707

I recommend him - saw him for therapy with an adult sibling, so not couples therapy, but I know he does that too.