Couples Counselor that takes Insurance (Anthem)


I didn't quite find what I was looking for in the search engine, so am posting a new thread. I have Anthem PPO and am looking for a psychologist/counselor/social worker who is in-network. During these times, I'm willing to look at people throughout the Bay Area, though we live in Richmond. Thank you!

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I suspect you're using the wrong search terms. If you searched for a "marriage and family therapist" or someone with an MFT after their name, you should find lots of "couples counselors" who take Anthem Blue Cross

You probably used the wrong search terms. Look for a "Marriage and Family Therapist" or "MFT." You'll find lots of possible therapists on the Anthem Blue Cross panel.

I had the same insurance a few years back and tried to find a psychologist for my child. You must login to your account online and do a search for the in-network providers. Then, call them all and see who if any are taking on new clients/ patients. Also ask these providers if they can refer you to someone else in network if they are fully booked. If you have no luck, call the  insurance helpline and ask for their help. You will need extreme patience and perseverance, but don't give up as it can be done. It just won't be quick or easy. Best of luck.


I found my last two therapists through Psychiatric Alternatives: They match you up with a provider based on your needs and insurance. The billing goes through them, so I never had to worry about paying the co-pay each session. 

Best wishes!