Couples Counselor for individual with narcissistic tendencies

anyone know highly skilled couples councelor for individual with narcissistic tendencies/poor relational skills.  Thank you

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You should consider Terry Higgins. He is a couples counselor who has a practice in Berkeley. I personally have not seen him but have heard high praise from a couple who has gone to him. Here is a link to his website:

I don’t know about narcissistic personality disorder in particular but I do know a couples counselor who is really good at the other part you mentioned: poor relational skills. Cindy Blackett. Her office is on Solano and her number is (510) 540-5409. She was an amazing help with my relationship problems. LP

I recommend Yvonne Mansell 

yvmansell [at]

she was helpful to my spouse and I -- both of us have strong personalities.