Counselor to help with transfer from a private university

Can anyone recommend a college advisor who is very knowledgeable about transfer applications -- not from a community college into a UC like many of the posts here, but from a private university into any type school (public or private, U.S. or Canada) on the West Coast?  We could use advice on how to find the best transfer matches, advice on whether my child's transcript (good grades but not a lot of course variety -- freshman year concentrated in STEM classes) meets a given school's transfer requirements, info re transfers in the computer science major, advice about whether to attend sophomore year at the current school or to take a leave of absence while applying to transfer, and info re which schools do the best job of warmly incorporating their transfer students.

I see lots of encouraging recommendations here for college counselors generally, but am hoping to find someone with deep knowledge on these transfer questions.  (There is one answer from many years ago, but hoping for more current information.)


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In my experience, it is really not that complicated. Don't think of it as a "transfer," because it is not, it is an application with existing college credits. A lot of weight will be given to high school grades and the application essay for applicants with fewer than 60 credit hours. Basic GE classes from the previous college will be accepted by the new school and the grades are important, not variety; no one expects much variety from a freshman. My daughter applied to a private college after one semester at a CSU, and I applied to a UC after two years at a CSU. We each lost 3 credits in the transition due to a specialized CSU course that apparently no other school requires, lol. Neither of us took time off in between changing schools, it depends on if the target school has space available or not. Is your child's main issue location? Check the school websites they are interested in to see the requirements for applications with existing credits.