Cost to refinish hardwood floors

I got an estimate of $ 3,200 to redo 442 square feet ($7.23/ft) - 2 rooms and 2 hallways - including moving furniture out of the way and back in place.  When I looked online just to get a reference point the estimate seemed high - but maybe not for the bay area?   Just wanted to see if others could give me a sense of whether this estimate is reasonable. Thanks very much in advance.

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It is high, but prices are high right now.  There is an enormous labor shortage for the crafts.  Our schools haven't been teaching these skills for years. You could buy new hardwood flooring for about half the price.  I've been looking at new hardwood floor prices and prices are about $3.00 to $4.50 sq ft.

About 3 years ago I was quoted $3,400 for about 800 square feet but this did not include any furniture moving.The thought of hiring someone else to move and put back the furniture plus coordinate it seemed overwhelming.I don’t have room to put all the furniture in the garage and would probably have to rent a small truck or pod for several days while the floors dried.I would still love to get my floors done but it just seems,Ike it would be so stressful.Good luck.