Cost of Childbirth under Blue Shield of California at Alta Bates?

Has anyone delivered at Alta Bates recently with a Blue Shield HMO or PPO plan? If so, how much did it cost? On paper, the HMO plan appears more cost effective since all childbirth professional and facility services are covered (as long as you are in network). But we've heard that anesthesiologists at Alta Bates are not covered by Blue Shield, and so we will have to pay the full cost of any anesthesia (e.g., epidural). Thanks!

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I gave birth at Alta Bates about 9 months ago, had an epidural and various other interventions, and have a Blue Shield PPO; I believe our total costs were somewhere between $2-3K. $1000 flat fee plus some miscellaneous charges.

Look at your out-of-pocket maximum. That is probably what you will end up paying. Every provider and facility has its own separate billing system. For example, the hospital bills separately from the physician. If more than one physician attends the delivery or checks in on you during recovery you will receive a separate bill from each of them. Many will be out of network and you will have no control over that. Hope that you don't deliver close to the end of the calendar year because then you have to pay the out-of-pocket maximum twice. That was my experience.