Cord Blood Banking @ Alta Bates

It seems like the newest info on BPN on Cord Blood Banking is from almost 4 years ago.  I wonder if there are any updates and/or reactions as to the utility of storing privately and/or donating the cord blood.

I noticed that the BeTheMatch website does NOT list Alta Bates as a participating provider, so I don't know what options are out there.  There doesn't seem to be anything of interest listed on the Alta Bates website as well.

With private banking, I see there are options for "lifetime" storage as low as $3000 dollars and change to as high as $8000 and up. 

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I'm not sure if this is universally true, but I think based on our birth experience at Alta Bates in 2017, the thing they do now is let the cord blood transfer to the baby before cutting it. I remember being confused by the cord blood question (bank or not?) before our son was born, like it was listed in some parenting info, but then it was hard to figure out what to do, but I don't remember the details. So you might try asking your doctor or the hospital staff about what the latest health recommendations are for cord blood to decide if you actually want to do it or not. We delivered with the midwives at Alta Bates, so maybe they would be helpful? 

I used Via cord in 2001.

I just delivered at Alta Bates in January 2021, and asked about cord blood donation and they said it’s not an option. 

I delivered at Alta Bates in May 2020 and asked my OB about their policy on cord blood banking. She told me they did not pair with any public bank for donations, but if I had a kit they could accommodate. Unfortunately, I was ineligible for donating and did delayed clamping instead.