Coping with Wait list uncertainty


My son is wait-listed #6 for Peralta and #3 for Yu Ming. *If* he gets into either school during the first two weeks of school, how does the before/after school care program work? I can't tell what the start date is for the programs. Is it guaranteed when your child is enrolled after the first day of school once you sign-up? 

What's the best way to help an anxious child cope with the unknown of "you might be going to X or you might change to Y school?" until things are finalized after the 10th day of school and the wait lists are closed/eliminated?

Any insights welcomed!

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Regarding Yu Ming's (YM) Extended Care Program (ECP), due to a staffing shortage this year, there is currently a wait list for ECP even for students already regularly enrolled in school.  I do not know whether you can get on the wait list for ECP if your son is not yet admitted to the school, so you might want to check with Cindy Liu, YM's director of strategy & operations.  Her e-mail is cliu-at-yumingschool-dot-org.