Cooperative Childcare/Preschool for 20 month old

Hi! I just moved from Sf to Oakland and am trying to look into a Cooperative childcare/preschool options for a 20 month old.  Does anyone have any recommendations for something like this for this age?  Or I am am open to other suggestions too.  Particularly in the Montclair and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance!

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Look into Broadway Children's School of Oakland in Adam's Point. My daughter did the PACT program last year which is two mornings per week, parents and children together with some drop-off. The kids are supposed to be aged 2 by Sept 1 but worth asking if there is wiggle room. Otherwise you're probably looking for a daycare situation as I don't know of any other preschools that start that young (there could be ones I don't know of course). We LOVE Broadway though, play based and very friendly. Good luck!

Thank you for sharing that and I will definitely check them out!

MCPC! Montclair community play center. She may be a little young for the preschool program but they offer toddler play times which are so much fun! Beautiful space and nice folks. This was one of our favorites for our two kids and we had friends who were in the preschool and loved it!

This might be a bit of a trek from Oakland, but Skytown Cooperative Preschool is re-opening in the Richmond Heights area (just off the Solano Ave. exit in Richmond), and they still have some openings for that age, I believe. Both of my kids went to this school, and I can't recommend it enough. It was such an amazing, supportive, and eye-opening experience for both our children and for us as parents. You won't find better teachers (two have received awards), and the director is passionate about early childhood education. The kids learn to be empathetic, self-aware, and confident. The community here is tight-knit and so welcoming!