Converting garage and adding a bathroom cost

I am looking into converting my garage in Berkeley into living space (office) and I'm considering adding a bathroom. Has anyone done this recently and can quote me the cost to connect to water and sewer? The garage is on the opposite side of the lot from the sewer lateral.

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I think it's hard to get an accurate estimate without getting professionals on-site. We're toying with the same idea and I casually asked a friend who is an interior designer. She said to budget about $200k for a mid-level finish for small bath and kitchennette. Our garage is within 4 ft of sewer lateral and 7-8 ft from water line. 

I would start with the city to see if they will allow you make the conversion. It might be easier/cheaper to run the sewer direct to the street rather then trying connect to your existing sewer line.  (This is along the lines of what we had to do.)

I’ve gotten a quote to add water and sewer to a backyard workshop (probably about 100 feet from the sewer lateral) which was about $5,500, about half of which was the cost of a pump because the workshop would be slightly downhill from the sewer lateral (sewer lines need gravity or a pump to help things move along). If you don’t expect to need a pump, it would probably be more in the range of $2k for that piece (which doesn’t include installation of shower/sink/toilet).

We did exactly this project earlier this year (bedroom and bathroom in the garage space). I couldn't tell you what the cost would be specifically for the water and sewer, but the total cost was about $625/sqft for mid level finishes and sourcing much of the finish materials ourselves. Our garage was likewise on the other side of the lot from the sewer lateral and water line.