Contractor sought - Chemically-sensitive family

Hi! We're struggling to find renovation contractors who are knowledgeable about construction materials - esp flooring adhesives, etc., - appropriate for highly chemically sensitive family members. BPN has a whole referral section but most of the posts are a decade old and we've come up empty for folks currently working in the East Bay. Would be so grateful for guidance! Thx.

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If you are chemically sensitive, it can be difficult to find a contractor who is careful enough. People who label themselves "green" are often not as aware as one would like (I say this as a person who has had two major additions and much work on an older Bay Area house.  We had constant struggles with our contractor, who claimed to be knowledgable).   The Eco-Home store in Berkeley is a good place to start for materials, and they sometimes have referrals to contractors. Two sources that I've found helpful: 1) Healthy Building Science in San Francisco -- they are top-notch consultants who will work with your contractor, but they are expensive.  2) Paula Baker-LaPorte, who is an Oregon based architect who wrote Prescriptions for a Healthy House.  You can buy the book at local independent bookstores, or try her website. Also, try looking at Yelp for green contractors, but just be aware you need to talk everything thru with them and be your own advocate because they won't all have the same understanding of "green."


I have to watch contractors like a hawk. They would much rather use familiar materials and do things the way they have done for years. Eco Home Improvement is helpful:

Maybe find adhesives you like there and buy them yourself. You can also ask them about contractors that they recommend. 

Finding any contractor right now is difficult.  But finding a contractor who knows chemical sensitivity I think is impossible as they are being deceived by the manufacture of what's in the products.  Any idea how many honest licensed contractors installed Lumbar Liquidators products?     Do you know the story of Lumbar Liquidators?  They were fined $36 million.  We were almost one of the victims but selected a different flooring.  I wonder how many homes in the Bay Area are still affected.

Similar story with insulation.  Honest licensed contractors installed insulation.  Deadly black mold started growing resulting in perinate brain damage for the husband and learning disabilities for the children.  The manufacture came out and tested several times saying there product was completely safe as the family was being poisoned.

Sorry I can't give you the name of even one contractor.  I've been looking too.  I was told with the recession 10 years ago and prices of homes in the Bay Area they moved out.  And then there's the building going on in Santa Rosa and Paradise.