Contractor or engineer to do CEA retrofit verification?

At renewal of our homeowner's policy this year, our insurer asked that we provide the CEA Dwelling Retrofit Verification form to show that our home does not have an unreinforced brick foundation. We have a concrete foundation that was retrofitted under a prior county bracing program and then partially replaced a few years ago, but unfortunately the original contractor has retired and the engineer who did the plans doesn't do this type of work. Any suggestions on who else to call to complete the form? My understanding is that they'd need to review the plans/finaled permit and then do an inspection to confirm that the retrofit was completed--apparently this form is commonly used by those who have CEA earthquake insurance. (Ridiculously, this is just for our general homeowners' policy, which doesn't even cover earthquake damage!) Thanks for any leads.

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We used an inspector recommended by our insurance broker.  It was pretty straightforward and, in our case, did not require any plans.  The inspector was Bruce McDermott in Berkeley, and his number on a form was 510-851-1707.