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When we moved into our house, we noted that our back (external) door was smaller than expected--to interior door measures--and an interior door is currently installed, which is thin plywood.  We would like to replace this with an exterior door and need to widen the doorway.  What type of contractor does this work?  We aren't even sure where to start or how much to budget for this, so any help would be great.

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If you want to actually widen the doorway, you will need to go through the permitting process and work with a licensed contractor. Most can do this work, but the trick will be finding someone to take on a small job. I'd call a few nearby with good reviews and see what you find. But I'd also note that you don't necessarily need to widen the doorway if the goal is just to put in an exterior vs. interior door. Our back door is also sized to interior door dimensions (which is very common in most older homes in the area), and we just purchased a new exterior door from Truitt and White that was the correct size and thickness but designed for the elements. It's been in for 10 years with no problems.

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415-350-6215. Call Regina. They are small licensed contractors with affordable prices. Will do everything you need on remodeling including electricity. I always hire them .

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It will be hard to get a general contractor interested in a very small project, so I recommend working with someone who specializes in doors. I had a good experience with Jason Griffin of Windows Doors & More. He replaced a pair of french doors in my house (from ones with decorative glass lites, to a pair of more substantial doors that provided more privacy and sound protection). I know he installs exterior doors, though I'm not positive about whether he can do the wall demo in order to install a wider door - but it's worth contacting him to ask.  

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