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 Seeking a competent, professional contractor with reasonable rates who may be willing to take on a large repair of a small redwood deck. North Berkeley or Berkeley Hills.

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I have had horrible luck with contractors, but this seems to be a job that a skilled handyman could take on.  I cannot more highly recommend Jimthebrit Handyman services.  He's quick, fastidious, trustworthy, highly skilled, and very reasonably priced.  He repaired my deck and put in fencing around my backyard.  Jim's phone number is (510) 205-6529 and his email address is jimthebrit [at]

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FYI -- I only got one answer to my similar question. If you find anyone good, I'd really appreciate learning who you worked with. We've been asking all our friends and calling anyone referred to us, without having much luck. Many thanks!

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I recommend Walter Nix, who builds beautiful decks, fences, etc.  He rebuilt a deck and fence for me, he knows his stuff and has been a carpenter for many years.  He made solid recommendations which led to good choices on my part.  The work is high quality and is holding up well.  Highly recommended.  510-504-0670