Contractor for bathroom remodels

Looking for a recommendation for a contractor who specializes in bathroom remodels... who is trustworthy, dependable and does impeccable work. I have all the materials picked out, so no design assitance needed.

Only looking for recommendations for contractors who you have personally worked with and have had a positive experience with. Thanks so much.

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I just completed a bathroom remodel with Bay Full Construction. I couldn't be more pleased. The estimate for time and cost were both completely accurate.They provided good guidance as we chose  the tiles and the tub we wanted , and their work was professional and efficient. We're really happy with the results. Bathroom feels like 5 stars hotel!!!. bayfullconstruction [at] .Cell phone 510 265 9399. Ana Cohan.

We're using Promodeling, Inc for our bathroom, and they absolutely deliver!  Our project manager Gilad and our foreman, William, are extremely professional and responsive. My husband is a designer so we already had most of the finishes planned out, but they helped us with the layout. They weren't the lowest bid but they do quality work. I highly recommend them! 

Hi! I suggest Innovative Construction. Erick has worked on several of my home projects and I am always really happy with the outcome. You can reach him at 510-289-5516