Consultant for private middle and high school

Have you worked with a consultant for private middle or high school that you really loved and would recommend?  Did you find the process of working with a consultant to be helpful and worthwhile (or did you think that you should have just done it on your own)?  Interested in hearing some perspectives. Thanks!

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We have recently confirmed our daughter’s acceptance to an all-girls boarding school in Connecticut for fall 2022 for 9th grade. This option had crossed our minds until we worked with Lisa Spengler.  (We’re quite familiar with boarding schools having sent our older kids to 2 different co-ed schools).  After a few separate zoom meetings with us and our daughter, she advised us on possible best-fit schools and walked us through the entire process.  We totally loved working with Lisa and  are very grateful for helping us find the best fit school for our daughter.   Please reach out to her lisa [at]

Hi - I highly recommend Gail Berland in Berkeley. She was wonderfully helpful for my son when he wanted to transfer, in 10th grade, from a private high school on the Monterey Peninsula, to a more culturally diverse high school in Berkeley. Her many years of experience, as well as careful listening to him (as well as me :) helped him find an exceptionally good fit for his remaining high school years. 

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I also highly recommend Gail's associate Tami Uecker for helping navigate the college gauntlet. While we did not need to use all her services, she had several sessions with my son and pointed him in the right direction.

Yes! I highly recommend Angela Dumalig. She really knows her stuff and hopefully will save you lots of money too. She was enormously helpful to our family.

I recommend Mallory, Ross, Baron, Kindler & Adeosun in San Francisco.  We worked with Amanda Mallory a few years ago to help us find a better high school for our son when the local public high school didn't meet his needs.  This group helps families with a whole spectrum of educational needs and it was worth the money we spent.  Our son went to a wonderful boarding school in California that allowed him to regain his confidence.