Considering Academia de Mi Abuela

Does anyone know if this school has a new director or turnover? I was going to contact this school for a tour. In many ways it's perfect: location is close to my home, my daughter has had a Spanish speaking nanny, the philosophy looks great. 

Then I looked at the Department of Social Services website and it has 9 Class A citations and 13 Class B citations. Some look concerning (no staff supervision during nap time, teacher's without proper qualifications, mice. This is more citations than I've seen looking at 10 other schools combined.  

Parent Replies

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We sent both our kids there and were at the school during the citations. We had an incredibly positive experience and found the teachers to be very loving and caring for our children.  I wanted my kids to be in a safe environment and continue to speak Spanish outside the home and ama met both of these requirements. The mice thing did worry me but we are now at another private bilingual school and it too had two mice incidents there ( I think in amas case a disgruntled employee may have reported the mice ?). So I think I blew the mice thing out of proportion. I wish we could have stayed at the school longer - my kids Spanish skills were so much better at ama vs their current fancier private school. I would highly recommend the school.