Considering a move to sacramento -- maybe Folsom

Hello! I know there are MANY threads on this topic, but I didn't come across any very current.  My husband and I have two early elementary school aged children and are considering a move from Montclair to the Sacramento area.  Like many others, we're primarily motivated by the lower cost of living, more space, and solid K-12 public schools.  We aren't very familiar with the different areas in and around Sacramento, but Folsom keeps coming up as a great place.  I'd love to hear from anyone who has made the move anywhere in Sac.  I am concerned a bit about losing the liberal bubble of the Bay Area, but I'm hopeful there are some areas that tend to trend a bit more liberal than others.  Also, how are the people? And curious what summer schedules are like? I've heard people tend to do everything before 10 am because of the heat, but I can't imagine being housebound for the rest of the day with with the kids! Thanks in advance!

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We moved from Albany to Folsom in 2019 to be less “house poor,” to access comparable education, to enjoy a spacious new home, and because I have an office in Sacramento.  We sold our home just this month and we are headed back to the east bay.  Nothing wrong with Folsom.  Suburban living proved not to be a good fit for us.  It felt lonely and uncomfortably conservative for our tastes.  And the pandemic made for a difficult moment to begin a new life elsewhere.  You must be okay with intense heat and rattlesnakes because there’s no escaping either. It’s very pretty In Folsom though and the schools are good and maybe great.  Most people seem to like it.  Not a great place for diverse folks but their is a close-knit Indian population.  Best wishes.


My dear friend moved from berkeley to Granite Bay in February with their two elementary school age children. They seem thrilled with the choice. I am happy to introduce you to them for a quick chat if you’d like, let me know!



Oh boy, where to begin. I've lived 10 years in Berkeley. 10 in Folsom/EDH, and 10 in Sacramento. Parent to school aged children - brother in Folsom/EDH same. Consider giving me a text or call.

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I work with someone who lives and grew up in Folsom. House is close to the prison he can hear the guards and the prisoners. Never had an incident.  (Seems funny to have a state prison as your neighbor.) He likes it. Can't help you with the schools. My daughter was going to Sac State living off campus.  Sacramento area is like Oakland, there are some really nice places and other parts you'll want to avoid. Downtown Sac pre-covid is lively, lots of restaurants and things to do and a diverse mix of people. You have the river and the lake which are nice if you are into boating. Then you have the state fair and Tahoe is an hours and half closer. But then there are the summers and the summer heat. You had better like the heat.  In the summer Sacramento can be 105 for days at a time with Folsom being about 8 degrees cooler.  You have to do things before 10 to avoid the heat. And there's no ocean breeze tp cool you off in the evening so the heat just remains. Winters are a bit cooler than in the Bay Area. We've looked at houses and it is much more affordable. There's a bigger drug problem up there, meth and opioids as well as drug labs. Get to know the areas so you know what's safe and what's not. My daughter tells me the folks aren't really liking it that people from the Bay are moving up there as it driving up housing prices.  So there is some resentment.

Hope this helps Before deciding to move, you might want to experience a few of those July, August and September really hot days.

HI!  I grew up in Sacramento and am familiar with the area - not as much with Folsom.  It is nicknamed "wholesome Folsom" and is very close to Tahoe, DT Sac.  In addition Folsom Lake is great for recreation.  I think it is a little warmer there than say an area closer to the delta (Land Park/Greenhaven Pocket).  It's hot in summer but it's a dry heat  and there aren't a ton of days over 100 (it's not AZ or Palm Desert).  Yes, there were days we did things in the morning due to the heat.  But everywhere will have AC and access to pools, lakes, rivers are very helpful.

I believe everywhere in CA will have liberals so I don't think you need to worry about that.  Not sure about certain areas.  Growing up in Sacramento, I didn't really look at people's political views but more who they were as people.