Considering a Move to Ashland, OR...

Hi BPN community

the posts about Ashland are about 5 years old. Any updates from folks who moved out there or are currently living there? My husband is an it an affluent enough area for folks to pay for tree work? We are seeking a quieter life but still want to make a living! I am a doula, but am considering a transition. What type of work is there in Ashland or nearby? 

Would love to hear about the town and any other insight.

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We love Ashland and have spent part of the summer there for the past twenty years. We even looked at real estate there this last June: it was a relief after Bay Area housing prices. However, when we returned to visit in July, we realized how smokey Ashland is due to the forest fires up north. This has been a trend due to drought and climate change. Because Ashland is located at the end of a valley, the smoke just settles there. If air quality doesn't bother you, I think it may have enough people who need their trees trimmed! I would suggest calling a local nursery up there to see if they think there's a strong demand or too many arborists!  Good luck with your next step.