Concrete pad removal?

Hello! We are looking to remove a concrete pad (15'X25') in our backyard to replace with a vegetable garden. Any recommendations for a team that can remove and haul the concrete away?


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Lamorinda Hauling has great rates. 

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I don't have a recommendation for a contractor (the one we used retired). However, I recommend that if a jackhammer is used to break up the concrete, give your neighbors a day or two advance warning to expect lots of noise. I regret not doing that but learned a lesson on how to be a good neighbor when doing construction projects of any type - especially important when people are still working from home. Good luck with your project.

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I don’t know any contractors but may I suggest keeping the blocks of broken concrete and using them to create the raised beds. Done right you can create something beautiful, sturdy and with a much lower carbon footprint.

we used to live behind a rubble landfill in Austin and had access to an endless supply of “urbanite” as it is sometimes known which we repurposed for retaining walls and lots of raised beds. 

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I echo the suggestion to reuse the broken chunks.  When we broke up a section of concrete to make a larger landscaped area in our backyard, we used some of the chunks to make a nice raised area for a bench, and also used some as stepping stones for a path through our yard.  None had to be carted away.