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I'm looking for recommendations for someone who can help me with my home computer, internet and electronics.  I need to buy a new computer, transfer from PC to Mac, etc.  The people at Best Buy aren’t helpful enough, and I’m embarrassed to ask them questions. Thanks in advance!

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I used to work at Apple, if you take in your PC when you buy a new Mac certain models qualify for a free data transfer. Some base models will require a $99 transfer fee. I would start there for that part of your project!

I have used Judith Stark for IT for years.  She just helped me choose, buy and set up a new computer, and she is great about answering questions and making sure you understand things--her goal is to make you feel smart about computers!  She is in SF but does come to the east bay.  Judith Stark Managed IT Serivces. 

I know exactly the right person!  Kyle Leinen, the Neighborhood Computer Guy!  Kyle has been helping my family with our computers, internet connections, home electronics and iphones for 15 years.  Every time we get a new computer, he helps us set it up.  Advised me on buying a domain name, a printer and just recently, reconfigured a PS4.  He even installed an ethernet cable so Netflix would be speedy in the living room.  Kyle is smart, nice, kind and trustworthy.  I've given him my PC for the weekend to install a new hard drive and didn't worry for a moment.  Priced reasonably, he comes to your house and even recycles old electronics for you!  Here's his contact info:

thencg [at]


There's a place in El Sobrante called Nerd Crossing. They have done work for me, including computer set-up and are very good and a bit cheaper than Best Buy. Their number is 510-275-3475.