Comprehensive ADHD Assessment - Timely Appointment Recs?


We're looking for someone to conduct a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment (mainly for ADHD) for our 12-year old son. The providers we've checked on are booking 6 to 7 months out, and we've reached a bit of an (educational) crisis point at our home this fall, unfortunately. Can you recommend a provider who is good and is likely available sooner? I should mention our son attends a private school, so doesn't have district resources available to him. 


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A neuropsychological assessment is not required to make a diagnosis of ADHD. 

You can meet with a pediatrician or child psychiatrist for an evaluation as well... I know things are backed up (it seems perpetually), so that might get you in faster!

Even in private school you should have the district resources available. My son went to a private school in Berkeley and BUSD did his evaluation and they were amazing. I think we just contacted the district directly. Good luck!

Rima Dolgoff-Kaspar at the Berkeley Therapy Institute did a full assessment for our daughter. Give her a call.

Kim Thompson at East Bay ADHD assessed two of my children. She is thoughtful, thorough, and kind. My kids and I really liked working with her. 

We met with Kim Thompson on Solano in Berkeley last August and were very happy with her services.  Her testing is thorough and my kid felt comfortable with her.  It is preferable to get a full assessment before going into treatment as there are many conditions that can mimic ADHD and you want to nail it down precisely.

Our daughter was diagnosed for ADHD and by Dr Renee Wachtel, a child psychologist in San Leandro, when she was around 9 years old.  Dr Wachtel did a full evaluation and diagnosis, working with us and our daughter's teacher.  We still meet with her regularly to manage medications.