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Can anyone recommend a reputable and reliable compounding pharmacy in (or near) Berkeley?  Thanks so much!

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I don’t know one in Berkeley but I use ScriptWorks in Walnut Creek. They mail me my Rx so the distance isn’t a problem. I love them. Super responsive, pick up the phone right away, really friendly and reliable. 

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I have used many compounding pharmacies over the years.  The best I've found are Koshland in San Francisco and Scriptworks in Walnut Creek.  I've also used several others that seemed ok at first, but as time when on, their prices skyrocketed - namely, Valor Pharmacy in Berkeley or Pharmaca (which has stores across the west but all compounds come from their Portland area store). There's a fairly reliable, lower cost compounding pharmacy called Apothocary Options in Chico. Good luck!

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Valor Compounding Pharmacy in Berkeley. They offer free shipping and when I called, I was able to easily reach a live person who answered my questions.