Compensation for live-in part-time nanny?

Hi BPN! We're winding up a year with an au pair, and are considering hiring a local student under a similar live-in arrangement to help part-time with our two elementary-school aged kiddos.  We're wondering if folks have thoughts on what a fair weekly stipend would be for someone providing part-time childcare, when free rent (in an ADU), meals, and a car + car insurance are all provided. Would love any feedback from folks who have a similar childcare setup (not through an au pair agency). Thank you!

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You'll want to review the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, which is the current state law that governs how much room and board can be counted against wages for live-in workers. For rent, it's 2/3 of the rental value of the apartment, capped at a max of $734.21 a month for 2021. Then there's a rate to add for each meal you provide--the State has a resource guide with the details. You count that total against the nanny's hourly wages, which follow normal wage laws (so at least minimum wage, overtime if over 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, etc.). It is considerably more expensive than an au pair, and in the inner East Bay you're likely to do better renting out the ADU and then paying a live-out nanny unless you critically need someone who lives in.