Company to do both mold remediation and repair

Has anyone recently had good experiences with a mold remediation company that has also repaired the bathroom walls/trim and painted afterwards?  I have called a number of mold restoration places, but they only do the tear out and remediation, and then they leave the repair work for people to figure out on their own.  We likely need to replace our fan too and so we need someone who can replace trim and wall and also install a good new fan for air circulation.  We would like someone who can do everything, but havent been able to find a company that will do that.

Alternatively, if you have done restoration work and then found a great handyman that has done a great job at the repair in a timely and responsive manner, we would appreciate that recommendation too!


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It sounds like you need a general contractor who is able to take a job of this scale (this is probably a small scale job) This work needs several trades - environmental remediation, drywall replacement and painting, electrical etc.

In my experience, environmental remediation companies only focus on abatement, so it will be hard to find a company that also does more than that.

Alternatively, you can piecemeal this out yourselves, and coordinate the work.

Hi—We never found someone to do both parts, but we worked with Cheryl at Mold Busters and she was amazing; and, she had a guy she worked with who did the restoration after, and he was great too. Highly recommend them both. 

The companies you talked to are correct.  Mold, especially black mold grows into the sheet rock and the framing.  It's not on the surface.  You can use bleach to try and kill it, but it will just return in a few months.  It's going to be hard to find someone who good to do such a small job.  With all of the fires contractors are working on much larger projects.  By law if you pay a handyman more than $1,200 it's a crime with a 5 year jail sentence and $10,000 fine unless the handyman is a licensed building contractor.

It is very difficult right now to find anyone good in the crafts.  I've been looking and can't find anyone.

As someone who unknowingly had mold in their home and also mold toxicity in their body (yuck!), I can give the strongest of recommendations to two people we worked with to a) test our home to determine what mold species were present and in what quantities and b) to determine the most likely location of the molds (none were actually visible to the naked eye) and to professionally remediate the mold and repair the walls. (Painting was not included.)

John Banta of Restcon Environmental is a senior indoor environmental consultant. He has 20+ years in the field, has written book(s?) on the subject of mold, has testified in over 150 expert court cases and is a great guy to boot. His wife has mold toxicity, so he understands the medical challenges of mold from that perspective. 

Once the mold(s) are identified (and perhaps you've already done this step), John referred me to Bill Weber of Richard Avelar & Associates in Oakland. It was Bill who took John's report, spent several hours in our home to investigate the locations of the molds and then drew up a report outlining recommended remediation. Both he and John were great to work with, were thoughtful and took the time to answer our many questions. Plus they did a fantastic job. Good luck in your remediation project!