Commute from Thousand Oaks to SF

Hi all, I work in downtown SF (near the transbay station) and I'm thinking about making on offer on a home in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood in Berkeley. I love the home and the neighborhood but I'm worried about the commute. I have a new baby and feel like every minute spent sitting on a bus or BART is a valuable minute lost. I'd really love advice from people who commute from Thousand Oaks and/or the Berkeley Hills. How long does it take you door to door? Do you feel like it's worth it. Any tips?

Thank you!

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The AC Transit Transbay buses are awesome and I'd really look at that rather than BART. Googlemaps can estimate the ride time from your potential house. You will likely get a seat up in the hills, and can work on the bus. I have a little one too and take a bus at roughly 8am, work on the bus, get to work by 9 and then leave at 4:30 to get home for 5:30 pickup. So while the ride isn't short, it is convenient, comfortable, and I can work on the bus.

Good luck!

My husband and I own a home in the Thousand Oakes neighborhood and he commutes to the financial district in SF. We have two small kiddos s wanted the commute to be managable. In the morning it takes about 45 minutes door to door but we live across to a bus stop and it's a quick trip because of the carpool lane. In the evening it takes about an hour. My husband catches the Bart at the Montogmery station me then walks home from the El Cerrito station which is about a mile from our house. So not too bad although I imagine it would also depend on where in the Thousand Oakes part you are in. We love living here and how walkable everything is.

Good luck!

I'm retired now but commuted to SF from just above Solano and The Alameda for 30 years. Loved it! I used AC transit, most recently the H at Arlington and Indian Rock Path. I also used the FS and G. Buses were partially empty in both directions, often had a double seat to myself. I also would drive to North Berkeley BART, park near Rose Street and take the casual car pool. In the afternoon, I took the H bus back to Bart station (I don't like Bart, it's too crowded and too noisy. But it's a backup). Love living in Thousand Oaks.

Thanks to everyone for their responses! I appreciate it.