Commute from Oakland or Berkeley to San Ramon?

Wondering if anyone has insight into how bad this commute is. My husband works in San Ramon and we are living in Danville but not sure we want to stay in Danville. Thanks 

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I don't go to San Ramon, but commute from Rockridge in Oakland to Walnut Creek, and it generally takes 15 minutes door to door.  San Ramon is probably another 10 minutes.  Fortunately, now that the 4th bore of the Caldecott Tunnel is open, this reverse commute is a breeze. My husband used to work in San Ramon before the 4th bore and it took him close to an hour each way.  So, I don't think your commute would be too bad from Oakland.  From Berkeley it would be worse if you have to take Hwy. 80 to get to 24.  If you can take the back way (San Pablo Dam Rd), it's faster.

Oh noooooo. My husband did this commute (from both Berkeley and Oakland to San Ramon) for the past 3 years or so, and it was terrible. 45 minutes of stop and go traffic or roughly an hour on public transportation. He switched jobs earlier this year and now works in Emeryville, and I can't even describe how much our quality of life has improved. No more getting up at 5:15am just so he can get to work early-ish so that he could leave by 4:45pm to make it home by 6 or 6:30pm.

Would not recommend.


We just moved to Berkeley and my husband works in San Ramon. I'll be happy to answer your questions. 

Feel free to PM me.


I've never done that reverse commute on a regular basis but have a suggestion. (I call it a reverse commute because the traffic is always much worse in the opposite direction.)

  1. Pick a 'new' address in Oakland/Berkeley. (Use a friend's address or any business.)
  2. At the time you expect to begin the commute go to Google Maps at 
    (Note: you can select any time by clicking on the arrow next to 'Leave now' and selecting 'Depart at'. But you will get more accurate info, including accidents or construction, if you use 'leave now'.)
  3. Type in the work address
  4. IBelow that address - click on 'Directions'
  5. Type in your 'new' address in Berkeley/Oakland as the starting point and press Enter

Do this for several days (especially on a Friday) to see what the commute time would be.

I tested this by typing a random address in San Ramon and got the following results for a commute from my Oakland home: 24 minutes driving (at 8:30 pm) or 8 hours and 24 minutes if I walk.

Thanks everyone! It didn't seem wise but wanted to check.