Comfortable flats for high arches

I seem to have high arches and have been wearing walking shoes with a lot of support for comfort days and low-heels for work shoes.  I now have to walk a lot more at work than I used to and would like get comfortable but professional looking flats that I can wear with office dresses, slacks, or office skirts in the summer.  Everything I tried to date was not comfortable and did not provide the right support to the arch area.  I tried Rothy's that everyone is recommending and did not find them comfortable.  I prefer leather shoes though can make non-leather work too if breathable and looks good.  I would appreciate any recommendations for shoes to try.  

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I have found success with Born and Clarks. I don't have high arches, but I pronate, so need the support. And in general, I find ballet flats are terrible and try to look for an oxford or mary jane style that has more structure to it. Also: these pedag arches are nice, you can velcro them in and switch between shoes, they'll add arch support without the bulk. 

I recommend Bass and Rockport. Both have outlet stores in Vacaville. These are the only shoes I have worn for years. Good support, comfortable, and relatively stylish.

Vionics have good arch support

Also, have you looked into getting custom made orthotics that you can slip into your shoes. 

I also have high arches and have gone through my share of shoe failures. Two of the best brands I’ve found are :

L’amour des Pieds-carried at Shoes on Solano. They have some low wedge type flats that are my most comfortable shoes. Unfortunately they are expensive. 

Tamaris-some on Zappos and some department stores(Nordstrom, Macys).

i look online periodically to see if there are any good new styles or sales on these brands.

i personally find that a slight heel (1”) is more comfortable than a flat shoe when you have high arches.

good luck and happy walking!

Might be worthwhile to go to see Cyrus at Next Step in Albany. He specializes in orthotics but also has a very small but well curated selection of shoes that he sells.

Show him your feet, tell him what you are looking for. I've purchased some great shoes there that are very supportive for my high arches and bad bad knees ...

Run, walk, or hobble to the Berkeley Walk Shop. They have whatever is available for walkable shoes in whatever style you need. I went there and they helped me find a brand and style I never would have considered on my own, but now is my go to commute/work/city shoe.  I happily pay their prices because they are super knowledgeable and I always get what works for me - no more gently worn donations!

Have you looked into insoles? Birkenstock makes a 3/4 insole that works well for my high arches. Superfeet has good insoles too, but they're full-length so they take up more room in the shoe. This might allow you to adapt your current shoes rather than get new ones? 

I have high arches and wear Birkenstock sandals around the house, Brooks running shoes for the gym, and Birkenstock Mary Jane's style for shopping or dress (this season's shoe is a more sleeker style than usual for Birkenstock).  For my boots and shoe brands that don't have much arch support, I use the inlay inserts (I have bought these at the Elmwood Village Shoe Store in Berkeley) that just sit either on top or under the insole. For dates check out Dansko shoes.

Josef Seibel is my go-to brand. The Walk Shop carries them.

El Naturalistas.  I'm on my second pair of Yggrasil boots and I wear them like sneakers in the winter.  Can walk for miles.  Not sure where you can get them in a shop, I by them at Zappos or Ebay.  Yggrasil is the best model for me because of the sole. They come in boots, clogs, ugly (IMHO) mary janes, and sandals.


I have some Arcopedico ballet flats that I have taken on trips to Europe when I needed to look a little more dressed up but still be able to walk a lot.  They have very good arch support and a thick sole with slightly elevated heel.  They are lycra and stretchy. I also have a pair of Arcopedico booties, which look like leather but aren't. They are great for travel because they can be scrunched down into a small ball, are lightweight, waterproof, and you can walk in them. And you can wash them in the washing machine! I got them at Village Shoes in Elmwood but Zappos has them too.