Combined eldercare/childcare programs in West Contra Costa county?

Recently I've read Atul Gawande's Being Mortal, and I was very taken by the idea that elders are often isolated from contact with other people, especially children.  

Does anyone know of pilot, demonstration, or established programs that co-locate or jointly operate elder- and childcare services in Northern Alameda or Western Contra Costa counties? (for instance, a child care center at a nursing facility or an elder day program at a primary school)  I'm also interested in discussion with those who have experienced this type innovative arrangement.  Thanks!

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Not in your area, but FYI - Oakland's Piedmont Ave Library has its Sat AM baby/toddler playgroup at the local senior center. That's the only one I know of in my area. 

Hi Lesley! Choice in Learning in Pleasant Hill is an intergenerational preschool: The students participate with seniors in the Adult Day Program, Choice in Aging, next door. It sounds like an incredible program! I only wish that I lived closer and my child could attend. 

This isn’t exactly what you asked for but it is super neat! A branch of Oakland Public does a special joint program with a facility nearby: The librarian there who coordinates it could probably also answer questions about the value/result of their work!

I too am quite taken with this kind of multigenerational program.

I work at The Point at Rockridge 4500 Gilbert St  close to intersection of Broadway and Pleasant Valley.

I would love to work in partnership to develop a program at our assisted living of over a 125 elders.

Allison Rodman  510-593-6978

I'm into this too. I think the complication is the potential for kids to spread illness among the elders. I don't know how to handle this, but maybe someone else does.