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As we start the college application process, I wanted to see if anyone has recs for colleges where LD kids can thrive, flourish and get prepped vocationally for the working world. Our daughter has auditory processing, short term memory issues and various other speech and language differences. The search process is daunting as it is. So any and all ideas welcomed. Thanks. 

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There recently was a parent support group called BOLD at BHS for parents with LD kids.  It met once a month & parents shared information. Perhaps you can contact the coordinators for information? My daughter is dyslexic & high GPA & is at USC & they’ve been great.

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A young man I know with dyslexia attended Landmark College in Vermont several years ago and spoke very highly of his experience there. 

Good luck!

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Hi there.  What college would be best for a young person with LD really depends on the person and what level of supports they'll need to succeed.  There are colleges that are specifically designed for students with dyslexia and related issues, and mainstream institutions that offer great support.  Of those there are small colleges and large universities.  What you'll want to know is how will the school support the student.  Is there a specific program, accommodations, tutoring? "Best colleges for learning disabilities" is just a google search away and will give you lists of what you are looking for.   There are some small, private colleges that are well known for LD programs: Beacon and Landmark, also Curry, and Mitchell.  U of AZ is a big place, but also well known for it's learning support center.  There are many others.  Good luck!